Credit reports and Monitoring
Risk control is the key to success in the modern business world and the first condition for obtaining a competitive position. The principle of “prevention being better than cure” strongly applies here.


For a relatively small outlay a credit report can save you thousands of Euros which would otherwise be lost making the wrong business decision. You can control your risk with our reliant and up-to-date credit reports supported by our wide information base.

Pro Kolekt Group developed on-line portal PK-NET where clients can order different types of credit reports or monitoring. Furthermore, if certain business subject is recorded as bad payer, this is immediately evident in the list of search results in PK-NET.


Nowadays changes in status and situation of business entities are taking place more frequently and more extensively than ever before. Given the difficult economic situation and especially problematic liquidity position it is very important to remain promptly informed about the changes that relate to your business partners. Timely availability of relevant information is essential to take appropriate business decisions. For this purpose Pro Kolekt has developed a service of "Monitoring," which is an upgrade of the usual credit reports. When you read a credit report produced on the basis of the balance of last year you are looking at history. In present times we know that history cannot and should not be the ground for making business decisions.

Service of monitoring involves monitoring the activities of your business partners throughout the year and keeps you informed of any changes in status and credit worthiness of the monitored company. Monitoring includes daily delivery of information over a period of 1 year.

Information collected are submitted electronically and include information about the changes of the company name, business address, ownership and management structure, bank accounts and other changes that could affect the operations of the observed company. In addition, information about the insolvency procedures is presented as well as information on whether a company is in a debt collection procedure.




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Reliant and up-to-date credit reports help to prevent unnecessary business risks.