About Pro Kolekt
Pro Kolekt Slovenia was established by the Slovene Export Corporation (SID) in the spring of 2004. Soon after, local offices were established throughout South Eastern Europe. We are internationally recognized for our efficient debt collection activities from within an extensive network of worldwide debt collection agencies. However, our main focus is South East Europe, where all Pro Kolekt group members are located.

Pro Kolekt Ltd. has a clear vision: In addition to our main activity of debt collection, we have added several other services as part of our vast expansion process. We can provide our clients with reliable credit reports, management consultancy, monitoring and offer advice in all phases of litigation in addition to offering advice in other areas. Furthermore, you can count on our assistance and expertise in establishing all sorts of companies in South East Europe.

In 2023 Pro Kolekt joined the Atradius Group, via its Atradius Collections subsidiary.

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Pro Kolekt Group is internationally recognized specialist for out-of-court debt collection, credit reporting and monitoring in South East Europe.

Business orientation

We provide assistance in out-of-court debt collection, legal proceedings and offer credit reports and monitoring in South East Europe.

Whilst we offer efficient out-out-of court debt collection in all parts of the world, it should be emphasised that we are specialists for South Eastern Europe where our local offices are situated. In establishing the Pro Kolekt Group, we became a major player in this part of Europe within the debt collection business. However, our services go beyond debt collection. We offer reliable and prompt credit reporting, business consulting within a wide range of activities (including customer`s activity analysis for identifying risk areas, creditworthiness assessment, contracts analysis, recommendations concerning the use of most suitable payment instruments), judicial consulting and assistance with establishing companies in the South East Europe.

Territorial coverage

Pro Kolekt group is a part of an extensive network of debt collection agencies worldwide, enabling us to increase territorial coverage in accordance with our client`s needs. This reflects an attention to local detail which our experience has shown to be an essential ingredient for a successful debt collection. Our inclusion in this worldwide network also allows us to cover debt collection in more than 120 countries across the globe.

Pro Kolekt specializes in providing services in the Balkan region with local presence in ex Yugoslavian countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Monte Negro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia), Romania and Bulgaria.  We have also become recognizable for offering our services in Albania and Kosovo with assistance of specialized local agents.

About Atradius collections

Atradius Collections within the Atradius Group

  • As part of the Atradius Group, we enjoy more than 90 years of global credit management industry experience and maintain a strong position, sharing history, knowledge and reputation.  This helps ensure we deliver when it comes to collecting outstanding debts, outsourcing customers’ receivables management or guiding them along the route to growth. 

  • Atradius Collections is part of a well-established global business that has been promoting secure trade through quality credit insurance and credit management services for more than 90 years.

About Atradius Collections

Through a presence in 40 countries, Atradius Collections provides trade invoice collections services in 96% of the countries across the world. Its wide breadth of services, ranging from accounts receivable management outsourcing and third-party collections to legal collections, helps companies around the globe to recover outstanding invoices and manage accounts receivable efficiently.