Real business ends with payment.
Poor payment discipline is one of the burning issues of the modern business world, effecting all business enterprises. As a result of persistent late payment and non-payment, companies might face serious liquidity problems, which are reflected in poor business results and the inability to settle liabilities in time. Eventually, all market participants are drawn into a vicious circle of non-payment.

Not surprisingly over 80 percent of all claims are recovered out of court through specialized agencies and companies like Pro Kolekt. We are active in more than 80 countries and our inclusion in the worldwide register of debt collection agencies, allows us to cover debt collections in more than 120 countries globally. Pro Kolekt has successfully applied the efficient western methodology of debt collection in the area of South East Europe taking into consideration all regional specifics.


Our activity is based on checking the debtors and taking appropriate action with regard to their existing financial situation and ability to pay. Our debt collection activities consist of:

  • Checking debtor`s circumstances
  • Delivering written reminders
  • Making telephone calls
  • Undertaking personal visits


It is widely known that with regard to late payments the efficiency of debt collection depends upon timely and appropriate action. The longer the creditor waits before deciding to act, the lesser the possibility that the debt will be recovered.


Besides regular reporting, our clients can monitor their debt collection cases through on-line portal PK-NET.

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Personal approach is of great importance for a successful debt collection. Our local offices conduct personal visits to maximize the possibilities of success.